This is Your Guide to Surviving Elswhence !!!

This information has been updated for the 2019 Event

Participation is mandatory—you decide what your participation means and what form it will take. Tolerate and respect your fellow participants. Do not interfere with their enjoyment, art, or expression. Respect each other’s personal boundaries. Take responsibility for your own experience.





Since this is a Will-Call-only event, tickets must be in the [legal!] name of the person who will be using them.

– Log in to Brown Paper Tickets

– Find your order (under Purchase Reminders)

– Click ‘Change Name’ where the Will-Call Name is displayed

– Enter the new name and Save

Alternatively, you can use the link provided in the original Brown Paper Tickets purchase confirmation email.

If you acquire a previously-purchased ticket after Thursday at 5pm, your name will not be on the Will-Call list.  You will need to provide proof that the ticket has been sold to you in the form of a copy of the original purchaser’s ID (have them text a photo to you) and a note or text authorizing the sale.  The seller’s name must be visible on the photo, but they can block out their birth date or SSN, if desired.

Don’t forget your ID, and don’t bother printing your ticket – your name will be at Will-Call.


Gate hours for Elsewhence are Friday Sept 20th at noon to 8pm and Saturday Sept 21st from 9am to 8pm.

If you have a shift that starts on Friday at noon . You will be allowed entry at 9 am on Friday. 


You will only be allowed in on Thursday if

  • You have a Thursday volunteer shift or at 9 am on Friday.  This does not include everyone in your camp. If they are in the vehicle with you they must be on the early entry list.

  • You are the early entry list because you are building an art piece or themecamp. Again this is not for everyone in your vehicle.

  • Everyone coming in on Thursday must be on the list or you will be turned away at gate. It is only 1 hour to Denver or you can camp at Lake Wellington down the road.

  • This must be strictly enforced for everyone if we want to keep having the use of this magical piece of land in the future. Our permit is for Friday through Sunday. 


You are responsible for your own actions, safety and well-being. You’re encouraged to help keep others and your neighborhood safe and intervene if you see a potential safety hazard. Elsewhence accepts no responsibility for your safety or the security of your personal property.



Plan on a possibly wet and cool/cold event, especially at night. Prepare your clothing and costumes with this in mind, and be sure your sleeping gear can provide warmth, dryness and security. Be sure to stay hydrated when at altitude, even during cool or cold weather.

Other than the standard checklists of gear you should bring with you on any Colorado camping trip, we stress the value of reducing your packaging beforehand.  We also reiterate the absolute requirement that you pack out everything your bring in. This is a Leave No Trace(LNT) event. You are expected to patrol your own area before you leave, and always be on the lookout to eliminate any Matter Out Of Place(MOOP) you find.

You must bring enough food and water for yourself – WATER will NOT be supplied by the event, nor available for purchase at the event. At least one gallon of water, per person, per day is recommended.



Everyone is expected to work at least one volunteer shift. We have many different types of shifts to choose from, and they are all very fun and quite easy. Most shifts are only two hours this year. Please visit the volunteer website, create your account, and select a shift or two. If you are not in the database and claiming a shift, you will not be offered a ticket for next year. The Elsewhence shifts to choose from are: DPW, Graters, Center Camp, Stages, Rangers, Safety Third, Moop Patrol, and Degreeters.  Sign up for Volunteer Shifts here:



Ranger volunteers will be on duty throughout the event. These are trained volunteers who are there to act as non-confrontational community mediators and safety officers. By encouraging and facilitating communication, Rangers promote awareness of potential hazards. Look for the folks with tan Ranger shirts if you have a question or need help with anything.



  • Tickets go on sale to the general public on a TBD date. Early access to tickets will be available with a code to last year’s volunteers.

  • With the exception of children 17 and under, everyone must have a ticket.

  • There are no physical tickets – all pre-sale tickets are Will Call. There will be a list at the gate, and you must bring your ID with you for entry.

  • There are no gate sales.

  • Everyone must show their valid photo ID (for 21+ check) and must sign a liability waiver (download in advance at website).. All entrants will receive a wristband; please wear your wristband at all times to show that you’ve officially entered the event. Participants 21 and over will receive a special wristband as proof they are of legal drinking age.

  • This is an all-ages event, but anyone under 18 must arrive with a legal guardian and have a liability waiver signed by their legal guardian. Those under 18 are the responsibility of their legal guardian or an appointed adult. Parents should be in control of themselves and their children at all times.

  • Your ticket is a revocable license. Violation of any rules, or violent or anti-social behavior may result in revocation of your ticket and ejection from the event without a refund.


  • When arriving or leaving, drive slowly, especially at night. We encourage you to park your car in a designated parking area after you unload. Use common sense and civility when parking so as not to block or disturb others’ camps or access

  • Once you park your car, it should not be moved for the duration of the event.

  • There is no in/out—once you’re in the zone, you cannot leave and return. If you have special circumstances that require departure and return, please contact Uncle Dave ( to coordinate your special need in advance.


Prohibited Items

  • No glass — transfer liquids to plastic containers or use cans

  • No pets — festivals can be stressful environments for pets

  • No weapons of any kind — no firearms, no ammunition

  • No fireworks

  • No bicycles

  • Do not bring anything that will break up and / or blow away in the wind (confetti, glitter, feather boas, loose paper, etc.)

  • No ember producing fires or fire performance props

  • No charcoal barbeques, tiki torches, candles, oil lanterns, flares, or explosives are permitted


Leave No Trace

  • DO NOT dig holes or trenches

  • Pack out everything you bring (including nut shells, apple cores, toilet paper, DO NOT THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND.

  • Clean your entire campsite and surrounding areas before you leave.

  • During the event, please pick up any Matter Out Of Place(MOOP) as soon as you see it.

  • DO NOT leave stuff in or around the portapotties, common areas, or at another camp. You’re responsible for everything you bring and carry!

  • If it isn’t from your body, don’t put it in the potty! Trash in the toilets will prevent us from pumping them, and will threaten the viability of the event.

  • There will be NO garbage services at the event—take out all the rest of your own trash!

  • All food & trash must be stored in a bear proof container – the trunk of your vehicle suffices – please do not tempt the bears

  • DO NOT dump gray water, from showers or dishwater, on the ground

  • DO NOT dump your trash along the way home. Neighboring mountain communities easily become overloaded with the influx of trash created by our event. Be considerate and take all your trash all the way home.

  • LEAVE NO TRACE that you were ever there!



You MUST get permission from anyone BEFORE photographing or videotaping them. If you are asked to stop, you must do so immediately. Elsewhence is a private event. Redistribution or public display of images, including on the internet, requires the explicit consent of all subject parties. An individual may revoke her or his consent at any time. Images may only be taken for personal use and may not be used professionally or for any commercial purpose. Anyone encountering a problem with a photographer or videographer should report it to a Rover wearing a tan shirt.


Vending, Commerce, and Concessions

The sale of products and services is prohibited within our zone. Bring what you need. Elsewhence is a place of sharing and free exchange within a gift economy. The display of commercial logos or banners, or distribution of commercial promotional items or materials is also prohibited.



  • Alcohol is permitted; underage drinking will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the event, whether you are underage or serving someone who is underage..

  • Bring your photo ID. Your ID will be checked at the gate and is required for admission. Attendees over 21 will be given an Over-21 wristband—not having your wristband on may prevent you from having access to alcohol and may lead to expulsion from the event.

  • Camps or groups who supply alcohol must have a “bartender” or someone responsible for the alcohol present, at all times!



  • ALL generators that are not rated as super-quiet (60 decibels or less) must be sound-insulated with mufflers or fireproof housing.

  • If you’re running a generator without proper sound insulation, you’ll be told to either build an enclosure or you’ll need to shut it off.

  • Generators must be turned off during quiet hours.

  • A FIRE EXTINGUISHER is required and must be present and (within 20 feet) if you have a generator.



  • Please keep your neighbors in mind. Sound from any camp must not disrupt adjacent camps.  Sound systems in your camp must be held to reasonable levels and times.

  • If your amplified sound is not registered in advance, please keep your personal sound limits to within your own camp. Camps are responsible for self monitoring and keeping their sound levels to reasonable and civic-minded levels.



Fire Rules (subject to county or state fire ban)

  • The county has issued a comprehensive burn ban against ember-producing fires. In addition, the area that Elsewhence is being held is forested, and an uncontrolled fire can have devastating consequences for participants. Fire can put the lives and property of many people at risk.

  • Propane fire art and heaters are permitted by the authorities, you still must register your fire art for pre-approval. All fire art is subject to inspection on site and, if deemed unsafe, may not be allowed to operate. Please supply a single standard fire extinguisher with your propane art or heater.

Regardless of fire ban status, all uses of fire must follow these requirements:

  • With the exception of camp stoves and gas barbeques, no fire of any kind will be permitted. In-ground campfires, charcoal BBQs, tiki torches, candles, oil lanterns, fireworks, flares, and explosives are prohibited.

  • Remove dry vegetation and flammable material from around stoves and any other approved fire sources.

  • Each generator should be supplied with a single standard fire extinguisher, type ABC dry chemical (the regular red ones).

  • Violation of the fire rules is grounds for removal from the event.

Local, State and Federal Laws

Comport yourself with regard to all local, state and federal laws as you would in any municipality. Law enforcement is not expected at the event, but please be respectful if you see any. We wish our interactions with law enforcement to be positive.


Lost and Found

If you find any valued items who have lost their owners, you can return them to the lost and found station located at Center Camp. Please check here for any items from which you have become separated during the event.


First Aid / Fire Department

Elsewhence will NOT have a staffed medical tent, but trained First Aid responders will be on site, on duty and carrying radios in case of injury or illness. Please keep an eye on yourself and your neighbors, and contact the First Aid team if needed. An Emergency Radio will be available in the Center Camp area throughout the event. You are expected to be able to deal with your own minor, band-aid type booboos, but we will be ready for any serious incidents.

Elsewhence will also have trained, professional fire fighters on site and on duty. As with First Aid, please keep your eyes open for any fire-related issues and report them by using the Emergency Radio located at Center Camp.

If you have professional Firefighting or First Aid experience, we would love to have you help out at the event.  Our minimum requirement for First Aid support is a current CPR card.  Please reach out to Uncle Dave (

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